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My Christmas Dress

My dress for Christmas this year is made from a dark red Broderie Anglais, but not quite like your ordinary piece of fabric. This one has quite a large embroidered design with gold threads and a bit of diamonte bling. So because it is such a lovely fabric it really only needed a simple dress design.

I used a very simple shift dress pattern with a ‘V’ neckline. The fabric has a ‘cut out’ border along both edges so I used this to my advantage placing the pattern pieces along the borders for both the hem of the dress and the sleeve hems. 

I did not want to interupt the design of the fabric down the side seams so instead of just sewing ordinary seams I overlaid the front and back pieces and appliqued them together. (To do this it is imperitive that a toile is made beforehand as adjustments to fit are just not possible.)

I cut a strip from the border, gathered it up and added it to the neckline. The addition of a little extra diamonte bling to gave it a wow factor!

Sleeves Neckline

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