Making Curtains Wide Enough

Some friends of mine asked if I would make them some new curtains for a bedroom they were decorating and giving a new lease of life to. 

They chose and hung a striped wallpaper on one wall and purchased matching ready made curtains and bedding in ivory and black, however the purchased curtains were not wide enough for the window which is when I was asked to help. The curtains needed to made wider to fit the window but not look as though a extra bit had just been added to the sides, so I set the old ‘grey matter’ to work!

After conferring I purchased 3 plain fabrics in ivory, black and a pewter, stripped the lining and tape from the purchased curtains and split them into 4 pieces. I then added alternating stripes of the 3 colours to the middle and sides to make the curtains to the required widths. They were then  and finished along the leading edges with black  borders.

To continue the theme I made the valance with more stripes of the 3 colours, the addition of black lower border added the finishing touch. A slip cover for the headboard again with a black border, a bed throw and a couple of cushions completed the look! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the recipients were overjoyed


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